Making Voicemails Personal


As a sales guy, my relationship with my phone is truly love/hate. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than making a call and getting the buyer to pick up so you can finally get a straight answer, but the reality is they rarely pick up! In fact, 97% of phone calls go to voicemail and according to, the average voicemail response rate is 4.8%. The odds are not in our favor.

Let’s face it, people hate unsolicited calls, that’s why you get the voicemail to begin with. And why would you expect the buyer to respond if they never even listen to what you have to say? Sales leaders are always looking to increase call time with their reps, but we think there’s a better way than just cold calling. Email is great because it’s less intrusive than a cold call, but how do you make an email personal and human? Google Voice has shown us that receiving a voicemail in our inbox is actually quite a nice experience. I can listen when I’m ready, I can easily forward it along if I’m not the right person, and I can quickly respond if there’s interest.

So at OneMob, we thought why not let sales people do the same, but in a more personal way. Our latest release on the App Store (1.9.2) lets you add a personal and company branded image to your voicemail to make it a little more human. Why? Because people are buried with emails, and seeing your face is just one more reason to listen. Here’s an example of how it would look and sound:

And best of all, the OneMob platform will also tell you when your voicemail is heard and for how long, so you can finally know if your message is getting through. And of course, everything is logged back in Salesforce. Try it out today!