And Now You Know…Weekly Activity Reports


To all our OneMobers out there, we just made Mondays awesome! Every Monday, OneMob will send you a status report of your previous week’s activities so you can start selling smarter by focusing on the right prospects and customers.

With this report, you can see how your video and voice messages performed last week, as well as your team’s weekly averages and the top five performers. You’re at the front line of your company’s operations, so we had to throw in a little friendly competition to keep the motivation high!

Here’s a quick look:

  • Email Opens – emails sent sent through the OneMob mobile app or Salesforce package
  • Plays – videomails that have been watched and/or voicemails that have been listened to
  • Responses – responses sent through the OneMob player page

And now you know…and knowing is half the battle. Work as a team, push each other to do your best, and here’s to smashing your quota this month!


OneMob Mobile (iOS) 1.9.1 is Live


We’re so excited to announce the new version of OneMob Mobile (iOS) is now live! Based on your feedback, we’ve added:

  • Voicemail preview – listen to your voicemail before you save or send
  • Improved feed – fixed bugs affecting feed view
  • Improved customer tour – guides user how to hold phone to record best video

You can always enable Automatic App Updates, so you can ensure you have the latest version of OneMob every time. Just go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and scroll dow to Automatic Downloads and enable Updates (swipe to green). Otherwise, click here to upgrade.

Enjoy and let us know your feedback in the comments below!