Our Silver Lining of 2020

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As we prepare for 2021 and part with 2020, we have an opportunity to reflect on the past year. I believe many of us entered 2020 with so much enthusiasm to not just start a new year, but a new decade. Even the look of the year was so cool…2020. It immediately inspired feel good stories of customers leaving $2020 tips to their servers at the start of the year. Our collective expectations were high!

What happened next…well we know how that story played out and how it continues to affect everyone in one form or another. COVID-19 jarred 2020 and we are still looking for a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. In times like this, it’s hard to notice glimmers of hope, joy and gratitude.

OneMob was not immune to what happened and we even had employees (or their family members) infected by COVID-19. Like so many people and companies out there, we have had to adapt, and through that adaptation, we are forging a new approach to the way we do business, to the way we create, to the way we serve and to the way to grow. Here are some 2020 highlights that we wanted to share:

1) 66,483 and counting videos created in 2020

2) We released 629 features created and squashed 631 bugs

3) According to G2, we have achieved top scores against the competition:

4) We got a Stevie Award! But more importantly we are helping people get jobs in this difficult climate:

5) Released some fan favorites including: OneMob for Zoom, Management Dashboards, Advanced Video Editing (Trim, Merge, Watermark, Animated/Custom Thumbnail), Office 365 and Gmail Email Integration, Recycle Bin, New Video Player, Client Branded Pages, Facebook and Instagram Integration, Text/SMS Button and so much more!

6) Became a job skill – maybe we should start a certification 🙂

7) Launched #OneMobLive on LinkedIn – follow us here to attend future sessions

8) Made SFBT Top 100 Fastest Growing SF Bay Area Private Companies for a 3rd year in a row!

9) Redesigned our entire website – sneak peak here

10) Fostered an amazing team that has become a family regardless of the 1000s of miles that separate us

In life, it’s important to have goals and with goals come expectations, BUT 2020 showed us that life can’t be controlled so don’t get addicted to the expectations. If life gives you lemons…find some ice, water, sugar and friends and make the best damn lemonade you can make!

From the entire OneMob team, Happy New Year and make the best of 2021.


We got a 🦃


I’m so incredibly proud of the OneMob team for making San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Fastest Growing SF Bay Area Private Companies for a 3rd year in a row!

2020 has not been easy for any business and we’ve learned a lot. Thank you to all our supporters and advocates. We hope to continue to amaze you in 2021!

BIG congrats to all the other companies that made the list, you’re inspiring. Thank you Mary Huss, Julia Cooper and SFBT team for your recognition and the virtual reception.


It Starts With a Smile :-)


According to the TED Book, Smile by Ron Gutman, “Smiling provides the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars or 16,000 pounds sterling in cash.” It’s good for us and it’s great to share.

We need more smiles! Businesses are struggling now more than ever because of the enormous changes that continue to impact companies and how we work. The work from home economy is here to stay, which unfortunately creates more distance and separation from customers.

This means more “sales touches” are required to just get attention, let alone get a call or virtual meeting. This transition has not been easy for many, however for some, they are evolving quickly and implementing changes to adapt to a more virtual world where they can still be personal and make their clients successful.

Liberty Mutual is one of those companies. Chris Capone recently shared an example of innovation from one of his sellers, Don Disch. “I want to take a moment to appreciate Don Disch, a Lead Sales Representative in Oklahoma with 19 years at Liberty Mutual. Like many others in our 2,000+ strong sales force, Don was challenged to find ways to connect with customers after face-to-face meetings went away this year. He found success with a personalized video that explains who he is and how he can help. I am proud of Don, and the entire team, for demonstrating resilience, creativity and flexibility during the pandemic and finding new ways to serve our customers.”

Below is Don’s OneMob video he’s been using with prospects to help them on their journey, and it all starts with a smile.

No alt text provided for this image

The Results: Immediately after using OneMob in his outreach, Don increased his response rate by 7X!

Challenging times require challenging changes. I know first hand recording a video takes more time than sending over another text based email, but no email will ever convey your smile and your sincere desire to help like a video will.

I encourage everyone reading this to look at the way you (or your team) currently connect with prospects, customers, partners and employees, and ask yourself if you can make this more personal. Can you start with a smile? Visit https://onemob.com/ to learn more or shoot us an email at sales@onemob.com.


Tips for Better Open and Click-Through Rates using OneMob


Getting a hold of your customer’s attention is hard. It doesn’t help that average email open rates are low and email click-through rates are even lower. Fear not, email is still an effective way to reach your audience so I put together some tips and features you can use in OneMob to help increase those open and click-through rates.

Subject Lines

Every article you read about email open rates is going to tell you all about subject lines. Unfortunately, there is no perfect subject line to insert into every email you send that will up your open rate to 100%. At OneMob we’ve noticed that personalized subject lines tend to be opened more. When sending an email directly from OneMob try adding a mail merge field to bring your customer’s name or company into your subject line automatically. In addition, if you can backward engineer your subject line to solve a potential customer business problem or pose a question that your customer would be interested in hearing the answer to you’ll more than likely see your open rates improve.

Looking for more suggestions? Take a look at some of these articles.

Add a Watermark

Add a watermark (having an NBA Superstar in your video also helps)

OneMob allows users to add watermarks to their videos. Watermarks are like a branded sticker that goes on your video. Watermarks are usually seen in your thumbnail which is the image that your recipient will see in their email. Adding a watermark with a company logo or branding can improve click through rates and give your recipients the confidence to click on your link knowing it will not be a malicious link. In addition, instead of using your company’s logo as a watermark try making a customized video and using your customers logo as a watermark. When they see their recognizable logo on your video it will be hard for them to ignore getting the rest of your customized message.

Learn how to add a watermark to your video here.

Green Screen Images

Get their attention using Green Screen

Using a green screen to add a video or image to your OneMob videos is a great way to increase your click through rate. Try including an image of your customers building or job site or even add a video of your customers commercial or YouTube video behind you. Adding these familiar elements to your video will peak your customers interest to watch the entire message.  Just make sure your thumbnail looks great so your audience can see what is behind you.

Learn all about OneMob Green Screening here.

Add Text to your video and animate your thumbnail

If you are recording using OneMob’s mobile applications on iPhone and Android you have the ability to add text on top of your video. Try adding some text with your customer’s name, company name, or even a call to action that will prompt your audience to click through to your page. If you save your video to mobile drafts you will have the ability to customize that text every time you send it out. So you can have one generic video that you use over and over again but your customers think it’s customized to them because of the customized text you add to the video before sending.

See how to leverage mobile drafts to re-use a video and edit the text on the video.

OneMob also recently added the ability to give your thumbnails a little more life by turning them into animated thumbnails.

See how to switch to an animated thumbnail here.

Add a video to your email sequence

OneMob has integrations with XANT, SalesLoft and Outreach IO. If you use these email platforms OneMob’s integration makes it very simple to drop a OneMob video and page into an email cadence or sequence.

Check out these video tips from SalesLoft.

Email isn’t working? Well….DON’T SEND AN EMAIL!

OneMob links can be added to text messages. Thanks to our friends at ZipWhip we know that “Nearly 98% of texts are read, usually in as little as 90 seconds.” That is NOT a typo, 98%! What are you waiting for? Create a link in OneMob and start texting away.

Not ready to plunge into the world of text messaging just yet? Why not try sending a direct message via LinkedIn? OneMob’s LinkedIn integration allows you to slide into someones DM’s….IN STYLE. Include a personalized video to create a warm connection with a new contact or send a video to a customer you haven’t heard from in a while.

See how to drop a OneMob video into a Linkedin Private Message here.

Looking for more email tips? Check out this page with tips from Vengreso, SalesLoft, and Dave Kurlan.


OneMob Wins Most Valuable Corporate Response Stevie Award for COVID-19


We won a Stevie Award! What’s a Stevie Award? Well…as my friend Mario Martinez Jr. says, these are the “Oscars” for businesses selected by a global group of judges that award companies on a variety of topics and achievements.

Companies that win Stevie Awards include IBM, DP DHL, Apple, BT, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, Samsung, Dell Technologies, Allianz Global Assistance, just to name a few.

So it’s quite an honor to win one of their prestigious awards.

But this year was different. COVID-19 changed the face of the world and continues to impact people everyday, so the Stevie Awards team created a new category: COVID-19 RESPONSE

These categories will recognize the responses of business development, customer service, and sales organizations and professionals to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. 

And I’m humbled, proud and grateful to announce we won and placed Bronze in Most Valuable Corporate Response. We know COVID-19 has made video a necessity for businesses, and as a video company we asked ourselves what else we can do to help. People often use our platform to record, send and track videos with customers and employees, but we know we can help in other areas as well such as job hunting. So as we saw the unemployment rates continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, we launched OneMob Free.

OneMob Free gives any person who’s lost their job or has been looking for a job a free license of OneMob, so they can record videos to use in the job hunting process. It could be a video to get you in the door, or a thank you video after a round of interviews. The best thing is you get notified immediately when your video is watched, which can relieve stress when waiting anxiously.

And it works! Out of respect and privacy, I won’t share the person’s name but I was happy to receive this email from a OneMob Free user:

No alt text provided for this image

COVID-19 will forever change how we live our lives and how we interact with one another. We thank the Stevie Awards team for creating this category to create more good during a very difficult time. We hope we can continue to help and provide value to those affected and encourage you to tell your network about OneMob Free if they’ve been impacted.

About the Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards are conferred in eight programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, the Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards®, The International Business Awards®, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 nominations each year from organizations in more than 70 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at www.StevieAwards.com.


August Feature Updates


Edit Thumbnail Enhancements

With this update you can easily generate a thumbnail from any video in your content library. Use the timeline to find the right part within the video and grab a screen shot (even for uploaded videos), upload a new image, or pick an image directly from your content library.

Add an Opportunity Name or ID and Revenue Impact fields

Now you can add an Opportunity Name/ID (SFDC & MS Dynamics integrated users) and a revenue impact (all users) when you create your Links and Emails. This will better help you track your OneMob wins.

Add your Facebook and Instagram links

Now you can add your Facebook and Instagram links to your OneMob profile (try it here: https://go.onemob.com/app/account). This will automatically include those links on your pages (unless you choose not to in the page editor).

Add multiple pieces of content from your library in the Page Editor

Now you can add more then one piece of content at once when you are in the page editor.

Easy Access Admin Panel

We’ve made Admin access easier by placing a Admin Panel option on the left side menu that will only be visible by admins. OneMob admins can navigate to the group admin page, teams page and approvals page to quickly take action.

Watermark upload improvements

Admins can now upload logos as watermarks and will have the option to place those watermarks in any corner.

Notify Users while Setting Access

When you are setting access to share your OneMob content, scripts or pages now you can choose to send an email notification to make your organization, team or individual user. The email will include info on what was shared and a link to it within OneMob.

Sort your Content Library by Recent Content

Sorting your content library by “recent” will display your content to show content that was recently uploaded, added to a link, email or page, or accessed via any OneMob plugins.

Vimeo Support on Pages

Add Vimeo links to your OneMob pages.

Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard gives team managers a quick view of their teams top activity generating content and user OneMob performance. Teams must be created within OneMob and anyone set as “manager” to that team will have the ability to view the manager dashboard.

Save as New” or “Save” your OneMob Edits

In the past when trimming videos, adding watermarks or adding greenscreen from the content library users only had the ability to “save as new” which would and still will make a copy of your video. Now in addition to “saving as new” users can “save” their videos which will make edits to the original video without making a copy. Keep in mind if you “save” instead of “save as new” OneMob will not keep your original video, it will save over it.


July Feature Updates


Merge Videos

Merge up to 5 videos together in OneMob

New Look ADD menu

We’ve redesigned the drop down menu under “Add” to be more responsive making it easier for you to upload new content into OneMob

Export Content as Admin

As an Admin you can now export details about content used by any members of your organization in OneMob. Learn more here.

Export Content as Superadmin

As a Superadmin in OneMob you can export details about the content used by subgroups you manage. Learn more here.

Add YouTube Channel Links

You can now add a YouTube channel link to your OneMob content and pages.

Hot Keys for Trimming

Use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to move it .1 second at a time. Learn more here.

You can now use your arrow keys OR mouse to trim.

Admin Link Look up

Now OneMob Admins can view the preview links for users by searaching and sorting under links in the Admin portal. If you click on the link names you’ll be able to see more details about the link and access to preview the link via the thumbnail.

Scheduled Email Section

Now your scheduled emails are located in a Scheduled email section to help keep your outgoing emails organized.



SMS (Text Me) button

You can now add a “Text Me” button on your OneMob pages. From the page editor choose +Add Button. Use the drop-down menu to select SMS and make sure you add your phone number as well as a button name to let people know to text you.

Save your Video Replies

Your audience can use the OneMob reply button to respond directly to you via text or by video. Now OneMob will save your video responses directly to your content library and automatically tag the video responses as “Reply”

User Activities Report Changes

User reports will now include a Total Usage column which will include the total of all Email & Links created and their activities generated with the total of content the user has created (videos, pages, scripts, documents, email templates). This helps OneMob admins identify their OneMob creators who may not be sending emails or links.


June Feature Updates


Enhanced Trimming

Trim the beginning, end, or middle of your video with the enhanced trimmer.

Add a Secondary Logo to your OneMob Page

You can now add your customer or your team’s logo to the top of your page to stand beside your company logo.

Recycle Bin

Have you ever accidentally deleted your video or OneMob content? Now you can recover that content for up to 30 days.

Connect and Send through Office 365

Now it’s easier then ever to send emails from OneMob that are delivered by your Outlook email address. Users can now connect directly to their Office 365 accounts. This is a Premium OneMob Feature for more information email sales@onemob.com.

Copy and Paste to Create Team in OneMob

Easily create teams by copying and pasting team members’ emails to form a team within OneMob. Teams in OneMob make sharing content and tracking campaigns for a certain group much easier.

XANT Integration

With our new integration with XANT (formerly InsideSales.com) now you can use OneMob in any play by simply adding a video into an email. Learn more about this exciting new integration here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/satihillyer_integration-videoselling-salesengagement-activity-6681278801579700224-IRkI

Track Talk Time with OneMob Meetings

OneMob Meetings will now track you and your attendees talk time during your meetings giving you increased insights and reporting.

Usage Reports including Content Creators

Now on your OneMob usage reports we’ve added extra columns highlighting content creators. You’ll have more visibility into who your active users are and who your content creators are.

SFDC Email Composer redesign

If you take advantage of our Salesforce integration we’ve made some changes to the Salesforce email composer to make it match the look, feel and workflow of our unified email composer at OneMob.com.

Let us know what you think of these new features by emailing us at Hello@onemob.com


May Feature Updates


We’ve had a busy month at OneMob and we’ve added some new features to help you hit your goals.

Animated thumbnail in email

Now you can make your video irresistible to click on with an animated thumbnail. Simply click the slider option for “Turn On Animated Thumbnail” and bring your thumbnail to life by adding a GIF style moving image to your email.

Invite your teams

You can now easily invite your team members or colleagues to join you on OneMob. Don’t forget to “set team access” on the content you’d like to share within OneMob so your colleague has access to content thats already in OneMob.

Upload video with reply button

We brought back the ability to upload a video when using the OneMob page reply button. Looking to setup a pitch contest or get video responses on your message? Now your audience can record a video directly on your page OR upload a video from their device.

Cookie Identifier

Do you feel like your tracking is off or a colleague is incorrectly cookied? Look for the eyeball in the bottom right corner of any OneMob page. This will show you who you are cookied as with the option to reset.

Faster Video Approvals

If your organization is taking advantage of our video approval system you know that even if you had a video approved already you’d have to go through the approval process again if you edit your video…not anymore!

V2 of Webcam Recorder

We’ve deployed an update to our OneMob.com webcam recorder, you may notice better performance and reliability.

Webex Teams Share Improvements

Did you know you can share your OneMob posts directly to WebEx Teams? We’ve made some changes that will improve your experience and make posting to Teams more reliable and easier then ever.

Add Watermarks from the Content Library

Now you can add watermarks from the content library. That means you can upload a video created outside of OneMob and add a watermark. You can also skip adding a watermark during the video creation process and add it after your video is saved to OneMob.

Embed Images into your OneMob Emails

Make your emails more visual or add an additional branding element to the body of your email. From the email composer upload an image to the body of your email.

Content Thumbnails in Links & Emails

Sending a OneMob page of content with no featured video? Now in addition to the link we’ll include the thumbnail image of the first piece of content on your page. Previously thumbnails were only included if you had a featured video.

OneMob Info Panel

Get the latest and greatest product updates, webinar invites and information from the OneMob team, directly at the top of OneMob.com. Close out the message to make it go away until we add the next message.

Want to request a new feature, let us know by emailing support@onemob.com.