To Click or Not to Click – First Impression Thumbnails


What makes you click on a video? It’s most likely the eye-catching thumbnail. It’s front and center; think of it as the movie poster to your video. And in business, a professional, uncluttered and simple image is the way to go.

Your prospects and customers are getting inundated with emails day in and day out. Letters… words… paragraphs… boring! Once you can get them to actually open your email (quick tip – adding the word “video” or “videomail” to your subject will increase open rates), stand out from the crowd with a OneMob videomail.

Instead of an all-text email, your viewers will see an embedded video thumbnail of your face (or whatever you chose to record) and company logo, making it personal, professional and helping build trust with your viewers. Nobody, especially a potential buyer, wants to read an email template that was written six months ago and was sent as an automated workflow to thousands of other people. Would you? So build trust from the get go. Show them you’re a real person, and watch your email CTR’s jump!


Your thumbnail is the first thing your viewers see before they decide to click and watch (or listen if it’s a OneMob voicemail). So OneMob allows you to choose from a number of frames that are automatically captured while you record your video. Make sure to pause at the start/end of your videos to show your pearly whites and a sincere smile so that you can get a good snapshot. Just swipe left or right to select your best image after recording (screenshot below).

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