Revolutionize Your Sales Game: Conquering Top 5 Video Challenges with OneMob


In the fast-evolving landscape of sales, harnessing the power of video has become crucial for effective communication, client engagement, and successful marketing. Yet, for many sellers and sales managers, diving into video production presents a unique set of challenges. At OneMob, we understand the hurdles faced by sales professionals, and we’re here to provide tailored solutions that empower you to elevate your communication game. Let’s delve into the specific challenges you may encounter and discover expert insights to help you overcome these obstacles.

  1. Overcoming Camera Shyness: Challenge: “I am apprehensive about stepping in front of the camera, fearing I might not look or sound good.” Solution: “Repeating something over and over makes you better at it.”

Holly Hockemeier, SVP at Personalize.AI, recognizes the apprehension many sales professionals face when considering video. She advises consistent practice, emphasizing that authenticity is the key to connecting with your audience. Don’t worry about perfection; focus on building genuine relationships.

  1. Managing Nervousness on Camera: Challenge: “Speaking on camera is nerve-wracking, leading to stage fright and self-consciousness.” Solution: “Effective communication doesn’t have to be flawless.”

Emma Taylor, Former Account Manager at Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, acknowledges the unique challenges sales managers and sellers encounter. She suggests that with practice, video communication becomes second nature. Overcoming initial discomfort is a transformative journey that enhances your ability to connect with clients.

  1. Tackling Content Creation Hurdles: Challenge: “I worry about what to say or share in my videos, finding it challenging to begin.” Solution: “Do not think about mistakes.”

Graham R. Scott, Account Executive at Corporates, FIS, shares his experience in the sales realm, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Keeping videos concise, focusing on key selling points, and avoiding excessive self-critique make the process more natural and relatable for your potential clients.

  1. Finding Video Content Inspiration: Challenge: “I do not know what to talk about.” Solution: “If you’re feeling stuck, consider what matters to your audience.”

Justin Sundara, Digital Specialist at IBM, addresses the unique struggles of sellers. He suggests building relationships through video content by understanding your audience’s pain points and providing value. This approach establishes a connection, setting the stage for meaningful sales conversations.

  1. Video Production on a Sales Budget: Challenge: “I do not have resources to invest in video production.” Solution: “Use effective tools to save your resources.”

Sati Hillyer, Founder and CEO at OneMob, underscores the changing dynamics in sales. OneMob offers a cost-effective solution, allowing sales professionals to kickstart their video journey and microsite utilization for free, ensuring a competitive edge in the sales arena.

For sellers and sales managers, integrating video into your communication strategy is a game-changer. Embrace authenticity, practice consistently, focus on your audience’s needs, and utilize effective tools. With OneMob’s support, your journey to revolutionize your sales approach through impactful video communication starts today. Elevate your sales game and overcome the unique challenges faced by sales professionals in the digital era.

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