OneMob Turns 1


We can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Seriously, where has the time gone? The past year has been full of twists and turns, but never a dull moment. We’re so grateful to build a team and company like OneMob and want to thank all our employees (and their families), customers, investors, advisors, prospects and friends for your support and guidance. We’re better because of you!

Here’s just a few highlights:

And we’re just getting started. Onwards and upwards!


Cisco and OneMob – Using Video to Sell Video


We are excited to announce a global deployment and exciting partnership with Cisco. We’ve been working with Cisco to launch a new initiative, “Using Video to Sell Video” with the goal of bringing personalization to their outreach when selling their video collaboration tools. Think about it, if I’m going to sell you a video collaboration suite, wouldn’t it be nice to also outreach with a personal videomail? We thought so, and so did Cisco!

To date, OneMob has been deployed in 36 countries around the globe, allowing their global virtual selling team to send personal, trackable and Cisco-branded video (and voice) messages. Initially, we expected the primary use case to be prospecting, but that quickly grew to account management, event attendance, management updates, and even personalizing their out-of-office/away message.

Leading the charge, Luca Felli (@lucafelli), Practice Lead for Digital Selling Innovation at Cisco, has seen their email CTRs jump to 46% (23X industry average) and their response rates increase to 10% (10X industry average). All of this has increased customer engagement and provided Cisco reps more opportunities to be personal, build trust and generate revenue. Remember, 53% of what drives the purchase is the sales experience (The Challenger Sales) and 36% of what drives customer loyalty is a personal experience (Oracle). So trust in selling is key!

We are so excited with Cisco’s progress that we’re continuing to expand our relationship by creating the first partner “app” for their new DX product suite. According to Rowan Trollope (@rowantrollope), SVP and GM of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, “I’m constantly looking for a trusted advisor from my vendors, and we know our customers are thinking the same. We see OneMob as a competitive edge that lets my reps improve customer engagement and build trust from the start, while still allowing us to maximize the investment of our CRM. It’s also allowing us to expand our product lines by incorporating OneMob as a native solution that can add value to our Cisco DX series to benefit our customers and partners.”

These next generation video collaboration devices run Android, and this is OneMob’s first step to expanding to the Android OS. Later this month, Cisco will be deploying OneMob on their DX80:

With OneMob on the DX80, you can personalize your sales outreach with the push of a button. Instead of selling with boring and ineffective text-based emails, prospects and customers can now see a personal, trackable and company branded video that allows you to humanize your efforts. And it’s all integrated with Salesforce!


OneMob Awarded 2015 Gartner Cool Vendors in CRM Sales


We are honored and humbled by the announcement that OneMob has been awarded 2015 Gartner Cool Vendors in CRM Sales.

According to Gartner, “OneMob is included in this Cool Vendor report because it offers a technology that addresses a common issue in sales processes: gaining mind share with prospects and customers. IT leaders should care if they support a sales organization where salespeople are responsible for creating new business opportunities or growing existing business, and who are aggressively seeking ways to leverage mobile devices and improve digital communication in the sales process.” Cool Vendors in CRM Sales, 2015, Robert DeSisto, April 1, 2015. You can read the full report here.

Gartner identified “Cool Vendors” that can help sales managers in 2015 improve a salesperson’s effectiveness through mobility, training and real-time social profiles. IT leaders supporting sales should evaluate these emerging vendors and capabilities to improve their CRM programs.

We believe this recognition further validates our mission to bring personalization back into sales to increase customer engagement. We will continue to set the standard, build a modern communication and engagement platform and bring personalization to every user of CRM.

Stay tuned for some iOS and AppExchange goodies later this month. Onward!


Sacramento Kings Grow Renewals with New Coach and OneMob


Since 2013 and under Vivek Ranadivé’s leadership, the Kings have been making Sacramento proud and pushing the boundaries between technology and customer service. I’m a little bias when I think about Sacramento, not just because it’s where my wife is from, but they’re the first professional sports team to give OneMob a shot. And we think it’s a marriage made in heaven!

What other industry focuses on fans more than sports? And what better way to connect with those 17,317 fans that visit the Sleep Train Arena every night than a personal video. So when we got the chance to meet with Phil Horn (@PhilKingsTix), VP of Ticket Sales and Service, we were thrilled to show him how the Kings can connect with their amazing customers in a more personal and human way.

One thing Phil and his team are constantly thinking about is how to keep their season ticket holders happy with their investment, so this year the Kings sent a unique and effective message to their key fans to keep their business. Like any good sales rep, they recruited a little help from someone new to the family, their new head coach George Karl.

Not only is George a winner on the courts, he’s a closers best friend. And with the OneMob videomail above, the Sacramento Kings have already grown renewals in season ticket sales. Can’t wait to see OneMobs from Vivek and the players. Making Sacramento proud, go Kings!


Making Voicemails Personal


As a sales guy, my relationship with my phone is truly love/hate. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than making a call and getting the buyer to pick up so you can finally get a straight answer, but the reality is they rarely pick up! In fact, 97% of phone calls go to voicemail and according to, the average voicemail response rate is 4.8%. The odds are not in our favor.

Let’s face it, people hate unsolicited calls, that’s why you get the voicemail to begin with. And why would you expect the buyer to respond if they never even listen to what you have to say? Sales leaders are always looking to increase call time with their reps, but we think there’s a better way than just cold calling. Email is great because it’s less intrusive than a cold call, but how do you make an email personal and human? Google Voice has shown us that receiving a voicemail in our inbox is actually quite a nice experience. I can listen when I’m ready, I can easily forward it along if I’m not the right person, and I can quickly respond if there’s interest.

So at OneMob, we thought why not let sales people do the same, but in a more personal way. Our latest release on the App Store (1.9.2) lets you add a personal and company branded image to your voicemail to make it a little more human. Why? Because people are buried with emails, and seeing your face is just one more reason to listen. Here’s an example of how it would look and sound:

And best of all, the OneMob platform will also tell you when your voicemail is heard and for how long, so you can finally know if your message is getting through. And of course, everything is logged back in Salesforce. Try it out today!


Act-On uses Humor and OneMob to Close $75K (UPDATE: NOW $100K)


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Rachman Blake from Funnybizz because someone mentioned OneMob to him. Rachman recommends the use of humor when following up to spark a response and get the ball rolling. In fact, he’s made a clever example that’s not only funny, but also entertaining:

As a startup, it’s important to remember to laugh from time to time. In fact, business needs a sense of humor, otherwise things get…

But seriously, Forbes tells us there’s 10 reasons why humor can help you be successful at work, and we completely agree! It’s not just more enjoyable for your co-workers, it’s incredibly effective when selling. The problem is, it’s not very easy to be funny on a voicemail or email, regardless of how many emoticons you add. But as Rachman and the millions of other YouTubers out there have shown, video is a perfect catalyst to be funny, creative and entertaining. But does it really work in sales? Let’s ask Act-On…

Brad Osterhout, National Sales Manager from Act-On, is always looking to move his prospects from the “red zone to the end zone” – aren’t we all? He realizes that the modern day sales rep is truly the “CEO of their own cubicle” and has the power to sell in more a personal, creative and funny way. So when Brad first tried OneMob, his creative juices started flowing and resulted in these two hilarious and effective OneMob videos:

Result: Act-On closes Velocity Partners

Result: Act-On closes Jove

Brad is using OneMob to follow up, and has already closed $100K in business. He’s able to bring relatable topics to his outreach in a short, humorous and effective way that gets the buyer to respond and move forward.

There will always be new ways to sell, but some fundamentals never change. People like to buy from people they like, and humor helps make that happen. Video has made it easier for salespeople to share that humor in a fun and engaging way. Keep closing!


OneMob Mobile (iOS) 1.9.1 is Live


We’re so excited to announce the new version of OneMob Mobile (iOS) is now live! Based on your feedback, we’ve added:

  • Voicemail preview – listen to your voicemail before you save or send
  • Improved feed – fixed bugs affecting feed view
  • Improved customer tour – guides user how to hold phone to record best video

You can always enable Automatic App Updates, so you can ensure you have the latest version of OneMob every time. Just go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and scroll dow to Automatic Downloads and enable Updates (swipe to green). Otherwise, click here to upgrade.

Enjoy and let us know your feedback in the comments below!


LinkedIn closes $10K with OneMob


We believe there’s 3 fundamental tools to build a successful sales engine.

  1. A powerful CRM that can really grow with your business and track all the interactions your reps are having with their prospects and customers. Our favorite is Salesforce.
  2. A relationship engine. There is no reason whatsoever your reps should be selling cold, there’s just too much great data and people out there to make things a bit warmer. Our favorite is LinkedIn.
  3. A communication platform that’s evolving with the time. Let’s face it, video is the new document and it’s sweeping B2B as the new form of outreach.

So when we had a chance to work with Jesse Rothstein and Robbie Goldberg from LinkedIn, we were so excited to see the results because they get it! We asked them to try out OneMob and tell us if it really helped them connect and sell.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

Robbie recorded 6 personal OneMobs for 6 clients that had gone dark. Isn’t that the worst? What happened? Why won’t you return my calls?!?! Regardless, this was the last attempt to reach out to these 6 clients to see if there’s a deal to be made. Here’s what happened next:

What really surprised them was the meaningful responses they received. Most of them apologetic for “dropping off radar” and impressed by the personal touch. But the real delight was within 3 weeks, a response turned into a breakfast meeting, which turned into a $10K proposal and ultimately closed. Nice work fellas!

Jesse later emailed us and said, “Robbie and I closed the…deal (10K) this morning…please note that we were able to re-engage and get the ball rolling with…after Robbie’s OneMob video.”

If you’d like to experience similar results to LinkedIn, give us a shot.


Video is the New Document


We had a chance to sit down and chat with Jim Lundy from Aragon Research last week. We first met him when we launched at Dreamforce 2014 and instantly clicked when it came to the impact video is having in the enterprise. After we shared a few updates, he said something that really stuck, “Video is the New Document.”

We couldn’t agree more! Spending 8 years at, we constantly looked to the amazing marketing team to build out incredible assets we could use in our conversations. The problem is a document is not always what’s needed. Sales can sometimes have a tendency to blindly forward marketing assets when all the prospect or customer wants is a personal and trusted advisor listening to them.

Video instantly bring trust, brevity and a bit of fun to any interaction. That’s why according to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text if the topics are the same.

At OneMob, we believe video is the new vehicle to connect and build trust. But’s it’s also a great way to convey the highlights you are trying to share with a document without requiring so much effort from the recipient. Think about it, when you read something, you have to lean in and find the points of value. However, when you watch something, you can lean back, listen for the key takeaways and reflect on how this will help you. This makes the next response so much more valuable because the prospect/customer is more informed and the sales person can really start to tailor their story. And don’t worry, you’ll get a response because marketing has already proven the effectiveness when using videos in outreach.

Source: LiveClicker

And at OneMob, we’ve seen amazing results when you apply these videos to your sales outreach. The biggest challenge is making it part of the sales workflow, so we started where sales people spend most of their time, their mobile phone and their CRM.

OneMob lets sales people record and send short, personal and fully branded videomails directly to their Salesforce Leads and Contacts from either your mobile phone or inside Salesforce. It’s that simple and it’s that effective. Video is the new document, and OneMob is your new best friend in sales. But don’t take our word for it, try it out on your iPhone today!


3 Reasons to Sell Yourself With Video


Originally posted on


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s impossible to miss the impact video has had on us. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Why? People simply enjoy watching videos more than reading text. It’s in our DNA. Since 93% of human communication is visual and vocal, text alone will never be as captivating.

Yet, selling is still primarily emails and documents. And that’s understandable because recording and sending videos hasn’t been easy to do- until now! Today’s new smartphones have started the “selfie” movement, and Oxford Dictionary has made it official. SnapChat, Instagram, Vine, just to name a few, have capitalized on this trend and have changed consumer messaging permanently.

So why haven’t businesses caught up? Well, I think there are a few reasons:

1. Infrastructure

Studies say if a video doesn’t load in 2 seconds, viewers will abandon it. However, with LTE becoming more ubiquitous, businesses can now be confident their video content will be quickly consumed and shared.

2. Costs

76% of B2B marketers use video to outreach to prospects and customers, but the videos they create do not come cheap. Time, talent and tools are the key costs when creating a video. Total cost can range from a few hundreds to millions to produce these videos.

3. Integration

Most sales departments live and die in their CRM. The last thing they want is another sales solution that doesn’t track activity and results back to their CRM.

4. Efficiency

In sales, time is money. Salespeople don’t have time to hack together a recording and share via YouTube. Plus, consumer platforms like YouTube or Vimeo provide limited data (especially viewer specific data) and again, there’s no robust integration back to the CRM.

Sales in the past was face-to-face because you had no other option. Sure, it took longer, but it was incredibly effective when building trust and establishing a longer term relationship. Let’s face it, today’s emails and phone calls are cold, faceless, and suspicious. Even with powerful marketing automation tools, it’s easy to come off as a robot to your prospect.


After being inundated with hundreds of text-based emails and numerous unsolicited calls, it’s refreshing to see someone take the time to record a personal message. It’s like receiving a handwritten thank-you card. Sending a personal video does a few things:

1. Increases Engagement

Videos increase email open rates by 2x and click through rates by 15x.

2. Increases Trust

Putting a face to a name shows the prospect you are NOT a robot and helps build trust (it’s much harder to ignore someone who shows more effort).

3. Increases Conversion

Videos are captivating and fun to watch. With more watches, you can expect a 5x increase in response rates because your message is now finally being heard.

And more responses will result in more meetings, more trials and ultimately more closed business. With a little time (60 seconds), the right talent (your sales person) and the right tool (OneMob), you can transform your selling and make business communication fun and a bit more personal again. Happy selling!