Integrating Social Media with our Content Experience Platform


We’re all too familiar with the different Social Media Platforms. There’s no need to elaborate on these platforms or to state any specific use cases for Social Media in the business environment. It’s here to stay and we need to find ways to make the most out of it.

Differentiating Content Experience Platforms from Video Messaging Platforms

Video Messaging Platforms have been around for a quite some time now. They are very handy for recording videos by means of webcam and/or mobile apps. Most of these platforms also have some editing functionality such as trimming, captioning, adding of watermarks, merging of videos and adding virtual backgrounds (green screen effects). Typically, these videos are saved in the cloud and you are given a URL that you can share with your audience.

Content Experience Platforms, on the other hand, help you to set the stage, or create a “Digital Sales Room” where you can share personalized content in the shape and form of a personalized website or “microsite”. Not all Content Experience Platforms have built-in video recorders, but OneMob is an award-winning example of a platform that incorporates an online video recorder as well as editing tools. Here you can record and edit your personalized video and embed it inside your Digital Sales Room and use it to tee up the content you want to share with an individual or a group of individuals.

Social Media and Content Experience Platforms – the perfect playdate

LinkedIn is by far the most frequently used Social Media Platform for business – connecting likeminded professionals across the globe. It’s a well-known fact that posts containing images and videos gain far more engagement than text-only posts. In a 2021 study it was found that LinkedIn posts that use images gets 94% more total views than posts that don’t. The number goes up even further (267% more views) when video is used. In fact, our very own Mason Toothman ran his own experiment on LinkedIn and got 800% more engagement on LinkedIn with some tweaks to his post. Using a Content Experience Platform to share not only a personalized video, but also personalized content on a personalized website takes it to the next level of “hyper-personalization“.

If you are reading this, you may have received a LinkedIn InMail from me directing you to a microsite with a featured video. My message is very simple: “Hi {Your_First_Name}, this is Nico from OneMob. Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. Have a great day!” It’s only a 5-second video, but I have had great success with this message. It’s an ice-breaker that often results in an open channel of communication and it gets the conversation going.

The microsite (or “landing page”) also has other content embedded such as a one-pager document, our YouTube channel, a demonstration video and customized call-to-action buttons. You can also track the performance of these personalized campaigns through built-in metrics trackers. By frequently checking your metrics, it’s easy to see where improvements can be made.

LinkedIn is not the only Social Media Platform that benefits from Content Experience Platforms. It’s easy to share your content through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter… and the list grows longer almost every day.

Use it, or lose it

Your professional network is worth it’s weight in gold. Get the most out of your efforts and combine your social and professional network with creative tools such as Content Experience Platforms. We recently launched our new OneMob Free version. Give it a go. You won’t look back.


How to get more of your emails opened and read


Your email recipients are overwhelmed

During the course of the last 24 months, a lot has been written about “Email Fatigue” and from personal experience, the struggle has been real. Everyone I speak to has noticed the sudden increase in the number of marketing and sales emails that pop into our inboxes and the reason for this sudden increase is pretty easy to figure out: the advent of Covid-19 and the resultant rise to popularity of sales engagement platforms.

So you might be asking yourself, how do I get more of my emails opened and read by my recipients?

Avoid your emails ending up in your recipient’s Spam folder

First things first. To avoid a decline in productivity due to Email Fatigue, network administrators have been tasked to put in place as many protocols as possible. This is to make sure that unwanted or unsolicited emails do not make their way to your recipient’s inboxes. Navigating your emails through all these countermeasures can be a daunting task; but increasing the likelihood that emails hit their targets’ inboxes is critical and well worth the effort. I found these 10 Tips to Stop Your Emails From Going to Spam really useful.

Stand out

Once your email is in your target’s inbox, you now need to stand out from the other 120 emails that they have received today. In terms of the copywriting the following pointers should be kept in mind:

  • “Less is More” when it comes to subject lines. Keep them short, but be as impactful as possible. This could be your only chance to stand out from the other 120 (plus) unopened emails in your recipients’ inboxes.
  • Creativity is key.
  • Keep your message only about the person you are reaching out to.
  • You should not mention what your organization does or what you are selling – it’s all about THEM!
  • Ask questions, but not too many.
  • Make sure that your questions are personalized to the recipient.
  • Do not ask rhetorical questions!
  • Use a Content Experience Platform such as OneMob to share a personalized microsite to your recipient. This will add a thumbnail (animated or static) to your email.
Tip: When using thumbnails, create a virtual background with your recipient’s logo and corporate colors.

Why use a Content Experience Platform/Digital Sales Room?

When your targeted recipient receives their email, they will see a friendly face with their own company logo and corporate colors. Humans are inherently inclined to have a bit of “Corporate Narcissism”. If we see something familiar that we identify with, we are curious to find out more. I have found that emails I send using a thumbnail with the recipient’s logo in my thumbnail, get a far higher rate of engagement. The Content Experience Platform – or Digital Sales Room – gives you a platform to not only send a personalized video message, but also gives you the opportunity to add text, embed your calendar link, create call-to-action buttons and share more content or resources. Use these platforms to tell your story, thus bringing sales and marketing together in one neatly personalized package. It is also ideal for building your sales funnel and can be used throughout the different stages of the typical funnel.


We spend a lot of our time and creative energy on writing copy and generating content. Making sure that our efforts pay off, should be one of our highest priorities. An artist would only hide the paintings he does not want others to see.