Sending a OneMob Video from Gmail


When reaching out to prospects and customers, are your emails all starting to look the same? If you were on the receiving end, would YOU be enticed to open your email? If you’re like most sales and CSM reps, you’re probably sending some variation of the same email day-in and day-out. Let’s face it, it’s boring for you, and it’s boring for your reader… and “boring” won’t drive engagement.

I’m here to help you crawl out of your rut, be different and add a little personality to your emails. Different draws attention, and when you’re trying to book a meeting with a prospect, revive a dead lead or better engage with customers, you need to get their ATTENTION!

With Gmail making it so easy to add media content to emails, ever think about sending a personal company-branded video when doing your outreach? Seeing a video thumbnail with your friendly face and a company logo is way more enticing and WILL increase your CTRs and response rates.

OneMob and Gmail are a match made in heaven. In addition to recording a hi-def professionally branded video in under 60 seconds,  you can easily drop that video into Gmail. Oh, and did I mention that all viewer activity gets tracked in Salesforce?

Ready to give it a whirl? Here’s how:

STEP 1: In your Activities or Saved Feed, find the message you want to send, then swipe to the left and tap the green Link icon.

Swipe your message to the left and tap the green “link” icon.

STEP 2:  Associate your link to a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, whoever you want to send the message to. This allows all of the recipient’s activity to be tracked on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce.

Pick the Lead or Contact you want to send the video link to

STEP 3: Save the link. OneMob will send you an email with the link you requested.

STEP 4: In Gmail, compose a new message. Drag and drop the video thumbnail into your new email. Then copy the video link provided and use it to hyperlink the thumbnail. Now you have a clickable video thumbnail. Easy!


How to Send a OneMob Message from Outlook


There have been a lot of questions about whether or not a OneMob message can be sent from an email created in Outlook. The answer is YES! OneMob allows you to create what is called a “Link” for any videomail or voicemail. Creating a Link allows you to embed a URL in another email client (e.g., Outlook) or any social media channel. The embedded URL will then link directly to your OneMob message. Here’s how to create a Link in OneMob:

1. In the Activities or Saved Feed, find the message you want to create a link for, then swipe the message to the left and choose the green Link icon. Another way is to tap into the message, then choose the Link icon.

2. Link to Salesforce (Pro-tip: this is optional, but highly recommended so you can track activity back to Salesforce)* – you can associate a Link to a single Lead or Contact in Salesforce. This allows all of the recipient’s activity around your message to be written to the Lead or Contact activity related list in Salesforce.

*Note: if you do not associate a Link to someone in Salesforce, we cannot write the activity to the respective Lead/Contact in Salesforce.

3. Give your Link a name. This is an internal reference name only.

4. Tap Save. The message you just created a Link for will appear in your Activities Feed. But don’t worry, your message has not been sent to anyone yet!

5. After creating a Link, you’ll receive an email from OneMob with the Link URL and video/voice thumbnail.

6. Copy & paste the thumbnail image into a newly composed email in Outlook, then use URL provided to hyperlink the thumbnail image.

Use the guide below to determine when it’s appropriate to associate a Link to someone in Salesforce, when to use the URL alone when embedding the Link in Outlook, and when to use the video thumbnail with hyperlink. Note: some email clients don’t display images by default, so it’s always recommended to include the Link URL and thumbnail, so the recipient has multiple options to play your message.


OneMob Dashboard – Who’s Moving the Needle?


Numbers are a critical component when it comes to sales and forecasting, there’s simply no escaping it. As a rep, manager or executive in your organization, it’s important for you to get accurate insight into activities (input) and results (output). That’s why we created a dashboard to deliver this information to you. Check it out at from any browser on any device (you will be prompted to log in with your Salesforce credentials).

The dashboard offers a bird’s-eye view and detailed stats of your personal OneMob activity, as well as your team’s activity so you can see how you’re measuring up. The stats are broken up into easily digestible graphs and nuggets, so don’t be intimidated… no head scratching required (sample screenshots above and below).

Check your dashboard regularly to measure OneMob engagement such as total messages created, sent, played and responded to, as well as unique play and response rates (just to name a few of the stats available). You can also see all recent activity of your messages: who last opened/played/responded to your message and when, so you can follow up promptly. Happy Selling!



OneMob Coming to a City Near You


The OneMob team is making its rounds over the next couple of months, and we’d love to meet you!

Pulse Conference in San Francisco (May 12-13) – Look for us in our OneMob t-shirts and record a quick video about why you’re at Pulse and what you think about the world of Customer Success. You might just win a FREE pass to Pulse 2016!

Salesforce World Tour Gold Sponsors in Washington D.C. (May 28) and New York (June 18) – Swing by our booth to learn more about how personal, branded and trackable videos can help drive revenue and strengthen your customer relationships. Or just come by to say hello :


How Do You OneMob? Get Some Ideas Now!


It’s the start of a new month or quarter (if you’re on the calendar year), so let’s take a moment to reflect on the last three months, and then focus on the biggest sales opportunities ahead.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that video is the most engaging type of media. It lets you connect with people in ways that plain text doesn’t allow. You can get expressive, evoke emotions and connect on a deeper level. So why not leverage such a powerful tool in your sales strategy, especially with these stats:

  • 36% of what keeps customers loyal is a personal experience (Oracle)
  • 53% of what drives the purchase is the sales experience (The Challenger Sales)

Video helps personalize the experience, and it’s exciting to think about all the places you can use it in the sales cycle. At the onset of OneMob, we saw video as a powerful tool for prospecting and breaking in. And sure enough, we are seeing amazing results. But our customers have taken this idea to new heights (thank you customers!), and the possibilities are endless.

Check out our new Ideas Gallery for use cases and examples of what to say.


To Click or Not to Click – First Impression Thumbnails


What makes you click on a video? It’s most likely the eye-catching thumbnail. It’s front and center; think of it as the movie poster to your video. And in business, a professional, uncluttered and simple image is the way to go.

Your prospects and customers are getting inundated with emails day in and day out. Letters… words… paragraphs… boring! Once you can get them to actually open your email (quick tip – adding the word “video” or “videomail” to your subject will increase open rates), stand out from the crowd with a OneMob videomail.

Instead of an all-text email, your viewers will see an embedded video thumbnail of your face (or whatever you chose to record) and company logo, making it personal, professional and helping build trust with your viewers. Nobody, especially a potential buyer, wants to read an email template that was written six months ago and was sent as an automated workflow to thousands of other people. Would you? So build trust from the get go. Show them you’re a real person, and watch your email CTR’s jump!


Your thumbnail is the first thing your viewers see before they decide to click and watch (or listen if it’s a OneMob voicemail). So OneMob allows you to choose from a number of frames that are automatically captured while you record your video. Make sure to pause at the start/end of your videos to show your pearly whites and a sincere smile so that you can get a good snapshot. Just swipe left or right to select your best image after recording (screenshot below).


And Now You Know…Weekly Activity Reports


To all our OneMobers out there, we just made Mondays awesome! Every Monday, OneMob will send you a status report of your previous week’s activities so you can start selling smarter by focusing on the right prospects and customers.

With this report, you can see how your video and voice messages performed last week, as well as your team’s weekly averages and the top five performers. You’re at the front line of your company’s operations, so we had to throw in a little friendly competition to keep the motivation high!

Here’s a quick look:

  • Email Opens – emails sent sent through the OneMob mobile app or Salesforce package
  • Plays – videomails that have been watched and/or voicemails that have been listened to
  • Responses – responses sent through the OneMob player page

And now you know…and knowing is half the battle. Work as a team, push each other to do your best, and here’s to smashing your quota this month!