OneMob iOS Updates: Add Text and Create a Lead


At OneMob, we take customer feedback and feature requests as serious as we take our FIFA tournaments… and that’s serious! Make videos even more personal and your workflow more seamless with these two latest iOS features:


Now you can overlay text on your video in seconds to make them even more personal and effective.

  • Add a short message to drive a call to action, welcome a customer, call out a specific piece of information or add personality and humor.
  • Here are a few examples of how you can use text overlay, but don’t let us hinder your creativity!


Now you can create a new Salesforce Lead and send them a video or voice message without ever having to leave the app.

  • Did you just meet a potential buyer at a networking event? Add them as a Lead and send a OneMob on the fly.
  • Save the Lead and message activity directly in Salesforce instantly without interrupting your workflow.

Click here for more details on how to create a Salesforce Lead in OneMob.


OneMob for Outlook – Request Early Access Now!


You asked and we delivered one of the biggest feature requests! OneMob now offers seamless integration with Outlook. Get early access right now by emailing us at We want your feedback!

With the OneMob for Outlook app, you can access all your saved video and voice messages right inside Outlook and easily embed them in any email message you plan to send. For real-time tracking, select which Salesforce Lead(s) and Contact(s) you want to email and you’ll get real-time notifications when your email is opened, message is played and when someone fills out the response form. And everything is tracked back in Salesforce.

Send an email today to get started.

OneMob for Outlook will support Outlook 2013 and Office 365.


Reps! Stop Using YouTube With Your B2B Clients


Don’t get me wrong, we love YouTube for Marketing…. and cat videos or Gangnam Style. But when you’re trying to connect with prospects and customers in a more personal way, YouTube falls short. Why? Because it’s not created for the two most important people involved in the deal, you and your client.

Every B2B buyer wants a trusted adviser and a personal sales experience tailored for them. Sending your clients to YouTube is like throwing a kite into a tornado. Who knows where they’ll end up? Buyers want to be personally greeted with content relevant to them, with an easy way to respond and schedule a time to talk to their rep. That’s not YouTube.

Plus, clients want responsiveness, and reps need to know when to respond promptly. According to InsideSales, “50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.” How can you be the first to respond if you don’t know who’s watching your video on YouTube or Vimeo?

With OneMob, you can! Reps can record and send videos to anyone in the customer life cycle, and track specific viewer engagement in real time. And not only does OneMob make reps more responsive, personal videos have proven to increase response rates from the prospect and customer by up to 10x. So it’s a win/win! Videos are incredibly more engaging than traditional plain text emails, period.

And if you haven’t heard, the OneMob Web App allows you to upload any video (yes, even videos that are not recorded in OneMob). Whether you’re recording a personal video, or uploading an existing one, once it’s saved on the OneMob platform, it’s synced everywhere – Mobile, Web App and Salesforce – so you can send it from anywhere and track engagement in real time.

What’s the benefit?

  • Be Professional – Apply your company brand to the video and player page
  • Engage – Increase responses and opps with our integrated response form and scheduler
  • Track – Follow up promptly with real-time alerts on email opens, videos watched, and responses
  • Measure – Know which reps and videos are most effective, and how OneMob has impacted closed opportunities back in Salesforce

As a Sales or CSM rep, these insights will enable you to better shape your strategy for emails, calls and presentations.

Check out this demo on how to upload your video to OneMob, share it with prospects and customers, and track engagement!