Cisco and OneMob – Using Video to Sell Video


We are excited to announce a global deployment and exciting partnership with Cisco. We’ve been working with Cisco to launch a new initiative, “Using Video to Sell Video” with the goal of bringing personalization to their outreach when selling their video collaboration tools. Think about it, if I’m going to sell you a video collaboration suite, wouldn’t it be nice to also outreach with a personal videomail? We thought so, and so did Cisco!

To date, OneMob has been deployed in 36 countries around the globe, allowing their global virtual selling team to send personal, trackable and Cisco-branded video (and voice) messages. Initially, we expected the primary use case to be prospecting, but that quickly grew to account management, event attendance, management updates, and even personalizing their out-of-office/away message.

Leading the charge, Luca Felli (@lucafelli), Practice Lead for Digital Selling Innovation at Cisco, has seen their email CTRs jump to 46% (23X industry average) and their response rates increase to 10% (10X industry average). All of this has increased customer engagement and provided Cisco reps more opportunities to be personal, build trust and generate revenue. Remember, 53% of what drives the purchase is the sales experience (The Challenger Sales) and 36% of what drives customer loyalty is a personal experience (Oracle). So trust in selling is key!

We are so excited with Cisco’s progress that we’re continuing to expand our relationship by creating the first partner “app” for their new DX product suite. According to Rowan Trollope (@rowantrollope), SVP and GM of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, “I’m constantly looking for a trusted advisor from my vendors, and we know our customers are thinking the same. We see OneMob as a competitive edge that lets my reps improve customer engagement and build trust from the start, while still allowing us to maximize the investment of our CRM. It’s also allowing us to expand our product lines by incorporating OneMob as a native solution that can add value to our Cisco DX series to benefit our customers and partners.”

These next generation video collaboration devices run Android, and this is OneMob’s first step to expanding to the Android OS. Later this month, Cisco will be deploying OneMob on their DX80:

With OneMob on the DX80, you can personalize your sales outreach with the push of a button. Instead of selling with boring and ineffective text-based emails, prospects and customers can now see a personal, trackable and company branded video that allows you to humanize your efforts. And it’s all integrated with Salesforce!


How Do You OneMob? Get Some Ideas Now!


It’s the start of a new month or quarter (if you’re on the calendar year), so let’s take a moment to reflect on the last three months, and then focus on the biggest sales opportunities ahead.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that video is the most engaging type of media. It lets you connect with people in ways that plain text doesn’t allow. You can get expressive, evoke emotions and connect on a deeper level. So why not leverage such a powerful tool in your sales strategy, especially with these stats:

  • 36% of what keeps customers loyal is a personal experience (Oracle)
  • 53% of what drives the purchase is the sales experience (The Challenger Sales)

Video helps personalize the experience, and it’s exciting to think about all the places you can use it in the sales cycle. At the onset of OneMob, we saw video as a powerful tool for prospecting and breaking in. And sure enough, we are seeing amazing results. But our customers have taken this idea to new heights (thank you customers!), and the possibilities are endless.

Check out our new Ideas Gallery for use cases and examples of what to say.


OneMob Awarded 2015 Gartner Cool Vendors in CRM Sales


We are honored and humbled by the announcement that OneMob has been awarded 2015 Gartner Cool Vendors in CRM Sales.

According to Gartner, “OneMob is included in this Cool Vendor report because it offers a technology that addresses a common issue in sales processes: gaining mind share with prospects and customers. IT leaders should care if they support a sales organization where salespeople are responsible for creating new business opportunities or growing existing business, and who are aggressively seeking ways to leverage mobile devices and improve digital communication in the sales process.” Cool Vendors in CRM Sales, 2015, Robert DeSisto, April 1, 2015. You can read the full report here.

Gartner identified “Cool Vendors” that can help sales managers in 2015 improve a salesperson’s effectiveness through mobility, training and real-time social profiles. IT leaders supporting sales should evaluate these emerging vendors and capabilities to improve their CRM programs.

We believe this recognition further validates our mission to bring personalization back into sales to increase customer engagement. We will continue to set the standard, build a modern communication and engagement platform and bring personalization to every user of CRM.

Stay tuned for some iOS and AppExchange goodies later this month. Onward!