LinkedIn closes $10K with OneMob


We believe there’s 3 fundamental tools to build a successful sales engine.

  1. A powerful CRM that can really grow with your business and track all the interactions your reps are having with their prospects and customers. Our favorite is Salesforce.
  2. A relationship engine. There is no reason whatsoever your reps should be selling cold, there’s just too much great data and people out there to make things a bit warmer. Our favorite is LinkedIn.
  3. A communication platform that’s evolving with the time. Let’s face it, video is the new document and it’s sweeping B2B as the new form of outreach.

So when we had a chance to work with Jesse Rothstein and Robbie Goldberg from LinkedIn, we were so excited to see the results because they get it! We asked them to try out OneMob and tell us if it really helped them connect and sell.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

Robbie recorded 6 personal OneMobs for 6 clients that had gone dark. Isn’t that the worst? What happened? Why won’t you return my calls?!?! Regardless, this was the last attempt to reach out to these 6 clients to see if there’s a deal to be made. Here’s what happened next:

What really surprised them was the meaningful responses they received. Most of them apologetic for “dropping off radar” and impressed by the personal touch. But the real delight was within 3 weeks, a response turned into a breakfast meeting, which turned into a $10K proposal and ultimately closed. Nice work fellas!

Jesse later emailed us and said, “Robbie and I closed the…deal (10K) this morning…please note that we were able to re-engage and get the ball rolling with…after Robbie’s OneMob video.”

If you’d like to experience similar results to LinkedIn, give us a shot.


Video is the New Document


We had a chance to sit down and chat with Jim Lundy from Aragon Research last week. We first met him when we launched at Dreamforce 2014 and instantly clicked when it came to the impact video is having in the enterprise. After we shared a few updates, he said something that really stuck, “Video is the New Document.”

We couldn’t agree more! Spending 8 years at, we constantly looked to the amazing marketing team to build out incredible assets we could use in our conversations. The problem is a document is not always what’s needed. Sales can sometimes have a tendency to blindly forward marketing assets when all the prospect or customer wants is a personal and trusted advisor listening to them.

Video instantly bring trust, brevity and a bit of fun to any interaction. That’s why according to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text if the topics are the same.

At OneMob, we believe video is the new vehicle to connect and build trust. But’s it’s also a great way to convey the highlights you are trying to share with a document without requiring so much effort from the recipient. Think about it, when you read something, you have to lean in and find the points of value. However, when you watch something, you can lean back, listen for the key takeaways and reflect on how this will help you. This makes the next response so much more valuable because the prospect/customer is more informed and the sales person can really start to tailor their story. And don’t worry, you’ll get a response because marketing has already proven the effectiveness when using videos in outreach.

Source: LiveClicker

And at OneMob, we’ve seen amazing results when you apply these videos to your sales outreach. The biggest challenge is making it part of the sales workflow, so we started where sales people spend most of their time, their mobile phone and their CRM.

OneMob lets sales people record and send short, personal and fully branded videomails directly to their Salesforce Leads and Contacts from either your mobile phone or inside Salesforce. It’s that simple and it’s that effective. Video is the new document, and OneMob is your new best friend in sales. But don’t take our word for it, try it out on your iPhone today!